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Engine RebuildsEngine Rebuilds or Replacements

When you are in need of having an engine or lower unit rebuilt, you want it completed by someone you can trust. I will tear down and inspect your existing engine and give a complete estimate of repair. If rebuilding is the best option, only original OEM parts will be used. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to go with a re-manufactured product or even compute engine repower/replacement. In each case, we will come up with the best option that suits your individual needs.

Engine RepairsEngine Repairs & Maintenance

It is important to service and maintain your engine at it’s recomemended service intervals. For most engines this would be every 100 engine hrs or every 6 months and again at every 200 engine hrs or annually which ever comes first. The 100 hr/6 month service is a basic service including engine oil and filter change (4 stroke models), replacement of gearlube and fuel water seporator filter, possibly engine fuel filters depending on condition, pulling the prop, greasing all fittings and an over all inspection of the engine. The 200 hr / annual service is much more in depth. Including water pump, thermostats, engine oil and filter, gearlube, spark plugs, fuel filters, fuel water seporator, check engine and boat fuel lines, external anodes, VST filter if applicable,pulling the prop, greasing all fittings, checking condition of batteries and terminals, and an over all inspection of the engine. Service for your engine may vary slightly based on engine make and model, but these are the typical items performed .
No matter which engine you have proper maintenance is the key!
Performing these routine services will ensure the longest life of your engine and help provide you trouble free boating. Only OEM parts will be used, never lower quality aftermarket parts that might infringe on your manufactures warranty or your piece of mind.

boat MaintenanceBoat Maintenance

It is important to regularly maintain your boat as well as your engine. Cable and hydraulic steering systems should be inspected regularly to ensure safe operation. Fuel systems have been a big problem in the last few years because of the introduction of ethanol based fuels. Fuel lines need to be inspected regularly for deterioration. A corroded electrical system can cause many unexpected issues; regular inspection can catch these issues before they become a problem. Thru hull fittings and hoses also can be a problem as your boat ages, inspecting and maintaining these items will keep you and your family safe on the water.

Electronics LightingElectronics & Lighting

There may come a time when you might want to install or upgrade your existing electronics or stereo. Whether it is adding a GPS to your dash or flush mounting a complete electronics package, no job is too big or too small. For night time boating you may want to add more lighting for on the deck or under water. LED’S are a great option for this and they come in many colors, making the options endless.

Electrical, Wiring, Rigging  PumpsElectrical, Wiring, Rigging & Pumps

As your boat ages, wiring, pumps and electrical components can become a big problem. Our services include from replacement of a bad bilge pump to a complete rewiring of your vessel if needed. We only use high quality tinned copper wire and connectors. We also offer custom rigging, along with anything from installation of an on board battery charging system, automated anchoring systems, trolling motors, jack plates, tower and T-Top rigging and installation.

Trailer RepairsTrailer Repairs

Trailer maintenance is the last thing you think about until you are sitting stranded on the side of the road. Inspecting brakes, wheel bearings, tires and lights will ensure your next trip to the boat ramp will be a safe and hassle free one. If your trailer is beyond repair or you are in need of a new one entirely, I offer high quality trailers at an affordable price.